Quality dentistry is never an accident. It often represents the prudent choice of different alternatives.
Caring for your teeth is an important factor in achieving good health. By focusing on what makes your mouth healthy, we hope to build for you a picture of optimal dental health and show you how relatively uncomplicated it is to achieve. Our primary dedication is to the preservation of oral health.

Dental health depends upon good habits, proper nutrition and regular professional evaluation. The doctors and our fine staff of hygienists will develop with you the best, customized sequence of self-administered (home) therapy and a well-organized preventive recare system. Together with our patients, we determine the right time interval between recare visits for each individual. The doctor of your choice will examine you at least yearly at these visits. With proper attention day-to-day and visit-to-visit, almost all dental disease can be prevented. Let us show you how!

In order to preserve oral health, any active disease must be evaluated and eliminated. Therefore, we must have a complete picture of your present oral conditions, as well as insight into your dental and medical history. At the initial examination appointment we would like to get acquainted with you and your concerns. If you have seen other dentists recently, we can work with you to obtain pertinent records from those offices.

We believe in well-informed patients
We feel it is important to discuss with you all of our examination findings, as well as your treatment options and their costs. The simplest, yet most comprehensive and long-lasting treatment will always be recommended. Our goal is to provide you with a complete understanding of your diagnosis and treatment.

Emergency care
If a patient is uncomfortable, this is our immediate concern. Our office allows time for emergencies daily during our 7:30 am to 4:30 pm regular hours. Should an emergency occur during non-office hours, call the normal office number (439-9939) to receive instructions on how to reach the doctor on call.


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