Cosmetic Dentistry includes a vast array of dental procedures designed to improve both the appearance and function of your smile.

Although teeth naturally exist in various shades, some people desire a whiter smile. Whitening is a safe and effective procedure to make teeth whiter.

Cosmetic contouring
At times, simple reshaping of the teeth will greatly improve the cosmetics and function of a smile. Often reshaping is done in combination with other cosmetic procedures.

This procedure refers to the process of adding a tooth-colored restorative material to tooth surfaces in order to change tooth shape, repair chipped teeth, close spaces between teeth or mask discolorations.

Veneers are laboratory fabricated porcelain laminates that are permanently bonded to the teeth to treat dental problems similar to those treated by bonding.

Tooth-colored fillings
Tooth-colored restorations have commonly been used in front teeth for obvious cosmetic reasons. Now strong tooth-colored materials are available for use in the back teeth where silver and gold restorations have been used in the past.

Crowns and bridges
Sometimes, due to major structural or functional problems, crown and bridge work is needed to restore both the function and cosmetics of a smile.

Orthodontics may be indicated to reposition teeth, straighten teeth, improve function and close gaps.

Surgery of the jaws
Surgery can occasionally be used to improve both the cosmetics and function where there is more severe malformation or collapse of bone and teeth.

Strategic placement of titanium artificial roots can be used as a foundation to improve cosmetics and stabilize loose dentures or replace missing teeth.

Plastic surgery for the gums
This therapy is frequently used to correct an irregular, asymmetrical gumline or to correct an overly "gummy" smile.


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